Health System Pandemic Preparedness

Executive Summary: 
  • The author has over 10 years of health system pandemic preparedness committee representation experience across more than 5 healthcare sectors (acute, community, home, LTC/Retirement Seniors, Mental Health and Addictions, Supportive Housing). From working the front lines as screener/contract tracer during SARS in Toronto, Canada to acting Director of IT/Decision Support on the emergency response committee created for the 2009 Ontario Swine Flu outbreak overseeing a population of 1.2M over 900sqKms with community transmission.the author provide their over 20 years of Decision Support experience in capacity building and experience in data-driven interventions to drive improvements at the bed to the health system level. This article provides some ideas/insights into the cost effectiveness of health system capacity building interventions during the pre- wide spread community level transmission phase of pandemic responses to strengthen health systems
  • Caveats: Health system decision-making, especially in emergency situations, should be based on data preferably data that has been transformed into useful information by knowledgeable analysts with the help of subject matter experts. The author is based on Ontario, Canada and is generalizing based on that context and experience, consult with local health system resources and experts (as always) to ensure the success of any health system intervention (in Ontario, Canada email for rates and CV)
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